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This article is about Alana, the character from Disney's The Little Mermaid. You may be looking for Alana, a character from Dora franchise.

Alana is a mermaid from The Little Mermaid. She is the second daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena. It is also stated Alana is seen as "glamourous", and that she makes her own beauty products. She appears to be the one who is most interested in beauty and health. She speaks of her looks often, but she is, by no means, selfish or vain. She has been voiced by Kimmy Robertson in the original film and TV series, and by Jennifer Hale in Ariel's Beginning.


In the prequel film, Alana is first shown as a young mermaid, relaxing with her father, mother, and sisters in a cove. The cove is attacked by a pirate ship, and, in the fray, Alana's mother Athena is killed. King Triton, in his grief, bans music from the kingdom and raises his daughters in a very strict manner. He delegates the lion-share of responsibility for their upbringing to a governess, Marina Del Rey, the governess to her and her sisters. Later, she learns of an underground music club from Ariel. The next night, Alana and her sisters sneak out and go to the club. However, their governess catches them, and they are punished by Triton and forced to remain in the palace. At the end of the film, Alana is seen partying in the club along with her sisters.

Alana merely appears in cameos alongside her other sisters. However, she is featured heavily in the episode "Eel-Ectric City". In the episode, Alana is invited to a party by Pearl, who is said to be very popular. After Ariel asks, Alana allows Ariel to accompany her. Triton allows the girls to drive his chariot to attend the party. After meeting up with Pearl, however, Pearl takes the girls to Eel-Ectric City, instead of her house. Though Alana and Ariel enjoy themselves, they run into trouble when they are challenged to a chariot race by three guys. Alana, Ariel and Pearl are eventually rescued by Triton. After returning home, both Alana and Ariel are "beached", or grounded.

Alana is introduced during the "Daughters of Triton" sequence, where she is the sixth one to introduce herself. Afterwards, she appears mostly in group shots with her other sisters.

Physical Appearance[]

Alana is a slender mermaid with light skin, purple eyes, black hair styled in frills, a mini pink crown on the top of her head, a red-violet bikini, and matching red-violet mermaid tail.


  • Her sisters say she's glamorous.
  • Her hobbies are picking wildflowers and making beauty cremes.
  • Her pet peeve is having a bad hair day.
  • Her biggest fear is having scaly skin.
  • Her favorite color is violet.
  • Her favorite food is low-salt coral blossom stew.
  • Her favorite music genre is jazz.
  • Her favorite musical instrument is the tambourine.
  • She has the most lines in the Broadway musical version of The Little Mermaid.



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