Andrew Shelford is a character from Round the Twist TV-series, season 2 episode "Nails". Andrew is portrayed by an actor Eamonn Kelly.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Andrew is the son of a man and a mermaid. He is raised on land and his birth is kept secret from him by his father, Mr. Shelford. Andrew starts at the new schools, but the other students think he is weird. Linda Twist however takes a liking to him. Andrew starts having scales grow, which he thinks are nails, so he starts wearing gloves all the time, and that makes it worse in school. Andrew stops going to school after few days and Linda comes to visit him on the island where he lives with his father, and promises to come back for another visit, but the weather turns bad. In the mean time Andrew learns what is happening to him, and is alright with it. The next time Linda visits is also when Andrew's Mother comes for him. Mr. Shelford falls into the water, and Andrew saves him, revealing his tail to Linda. Linda still loves him, but Andrew must return to the sea with his mother, since he can no longer live on land.

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