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Aquaphonis is a character from the animated series Tara Duncan. She appears in "The Silent Siren".

Biography Edit

Aquaphonis escapes from Otherworld with her daughter to steal the voice of Madney Speers and another talented singer's voice. Both she and her daughter are mute and must have voices to protect themselves against the Great Orca, the mermaids' most vicious predator.

Tara enchants her voice to bait Aquaphonis into coming out, but Aquaphonis manages to escape with her voice. Cal later steals back a voice for Tara from Aquaphonis's necklace, but it turns out to be Madney's. In the end, Aquaphonis returns both of the voices to their original owners and is given a voice by Master Chem instead. She and her daughter return to their home in the Otherworld.

Appearance Edit

Aquaphonis is a beautiful, young adult mermaid with long red hair (a common characteristic to most mermaids visiting Rosemond in the series). She has grey eyes and wears mostly turquoise halter top and arm warmers that start from below the shoulders down to her webbed hands. When she goes on land, her tail becomes legs and she has dark grey pants and brown shoes.

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