Berengaria is a mermaid from the movie Mad About Men. Berengaria is played by actress Dora Bryan.


Berengaria is a bit simple, which was caused when her mother was scared by an octopus when she was still pregnant with Berengaria.

As an adult Berengaria has befriended Miranda and they spend time in the caves beneath the small village of Cornwall. Berengaria likes to play music with a conch, which sounds horribly. That sound was once heard by Caroline Trewella, who came to investigate and found Berengaria and Miranda. Caroline looked exactly like Miranda, because they share a great-grandfather. While Miranda took the place of Caroline for few weeks, Berengaria stayed in the caves and spent time with Miranda's friend from the land Nurse Carey. Once Berengaria stole Nurse Carey's nightgown and swam away with it. Berengaria also likes to sing which she tried to do couple of time with Nurse Carey and a fisherman on the sea, but none wanted to hear her sing. Berengaria also found some clothes near some rock, and took them as well, putting them on and even trying the make-up. When Miranda was almost discovered by the townsmen, Berengaria chased away the policemen at the bay, so Miranda could sing for Caroline who took her place back. but during the singing Berengaria grabbed the microphone and sang too, which didn't sound good at all. Later Berengaria and Miranda were seen in the water saying goodbye to Caroline and her new boyfriend.


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