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Bryndolyn MacFinnegan is a mermaid in Fin Fun's Mermaidens stories. But most merfolk just call her Brynn.


Brynn has a silky FinFriend named Fergus who’s been her trusty companion since she rescued him from a fisherman’s net when he was just a pup. He’s a wee spotted seal with the courage of a great sea lion and a heart of gold, so she brings him with her each night to help guide the ships. Fergus keeps her laughing when the seas are gray and smiling through the fiercest storms. He’s been with Brynn every flip of the fin. No mermaid could ever find a truer FinFriend!

When they are not out lighting the way for misguided sailors, Fergus and Brynn like to explore the deep caves off the coast of the countries Ireland, England, and Scotland.

Fin Friend

Rescued from a fisherman's net when he was just a pup, Fergus the Seal is now mermaid princess Brynn's loyal companion as they help guide the ships through rough seas and fierce storms. Even though his life started out a bit rough, Fergus remains full of fun and optimism.