Since we feature many characters from different franchises, it would be best to incorporate some sort of standard page layout. Any recommendations on how to improve the style are always welcome.


A character from certain movie, tv-show, game or book.


Once upon a time a certain character lived it's life. The End.


This character was beautiful as a sun and ugly as a skunk.


The character acted like she was a happy character in a movie.

Powers and Abilities

This character has the power to break fourth-wall.


  • This character has a name, but doesn't want to tell you.


When the character has many appearances, it might be a good idea to list them.

  • Movie
  • Tv-series
  • Game
  • Book
  • Comic


Galleries should not contain fan art. When the number of images get too high, its good idea to use width and spacing code to compact the gallery(<gallery widths="150" spacing="small">)


Screenshots from movies and tv-shows, or scans from books.


Images that were used to promote the merchandise.

Set Photos

Photos taken during the filming.


Link to an outside webpages related to the character

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