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This article is about Charlotte Watsford a character from H2O: Just Add Water TV-Series. You may be looking for Charlotte, the character from the movie Charlotte's Song.
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Charlotte: "Because they became mermaids by accident. This was meant to happen to me. I'm the only real mermaid."

-Charlotte referring to Cleo, Emma and Rikki, "Reckless"

Charlotte Watsford is one of the secondary characters in Season 2 of H2O: Just Add Water. Charlotte is the main antagonist of Season 2, predominantly after she became a mermaid. She was portrayed by Brittany Byrnes.


Charlotte's hair is mid length and dark red in color. Charlotte is medium weight, and is tall in height. She has a round face structure but has a clear, flawless skin complexion. She is seen wearing conservative clothing that are usually in different colors.

As a mermaid, her hair is always down and she gains a long, shimmering fish tail and a matching top of scales. Her scales are coppery orange. Like the rest of the girls, her skin is glowing and ethereal when in mermaid form.