Circe 11

Circe is a mermaid from the animated short Sailor's Delight. She was voiced by Mary Orta.

Biography Edit

Circe is an evil mermaid who has lured many sailors to their doom. She kept their heads to decorate her grotto. One day she hears a ship in her ocean and attempts to capture one of its sailors. She tries to enchant him but her beauty and even her presence goes unnoticed by the sailor.

After a series of attempts and slapstick humor, the frustrated mermaid sings her siren song. However he was immune to her song because he was gay. While Circe was distracted, the sailor's boyfriend slaps her with a shovel, knocking her unconscious. Circe's ability to produce electricity powers up the ship, giving the sailors' the idea to use her as a renewable source of energy. The sailors then trap Circe in a place where she her enchantment is rendered completely useless; a gay bar.

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