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Cody Griffin is the main character in movie The Thirteenth Year, he is portrayed by the actor Chez Starbuck.


Cody Griffin was born as a merman. One day his mother was swimming. A fisherman (Big John Wheatley) started chasing her, so she left Cody in a basket on a nearby boat while she run the ship ashore. When she returned to him, the ship was docked and a couple had found Cody, and taken him to shore. The Griffins went to the police, but no one came for Cody, so they adopted him.

Thirteen years later, Cody is part of the swimming team, and has a girlfriend named Sam. He feels more at home in water. After his birthday, he started noticing weird things happening to him. He started to grow scales, when he gets wet he shocked things he touched, and even stick to all kinds of surfaces. He enlisted the help of a geek from his school, Jess Wheatley. Jess figured out that Cody is a merman. Wanting to know more of his birth parents, Cody reveals himself to the Griffins, who then tell him the story how they found him. They warn Cody to stay away from the water, especially the swimming championship. Cody sneaks out, and still competes, finally winning the first place.

After the competition, he notices fins on his arms, and is forced to flee. Sam follows him home and sees the fins. Freaked out that her boyfriend is a merman, she runs away. Cody goes for a swim at night and sees a mermaid, who he recognizes as his biological mother. The next day Cody call Sam, and tells her to meet at the beach. When Sam arrives, Cody steps into the water and shows Sam the mermaid. But something happened and Cody fell down in pain. He ordered Sam to get the Griffins. Big John Wheatley however had seen Cody last night and hauled him on his ship, as a bait to catch the mermaid. Leading the mermaid into the dock, Big John Wheatley managed to capture her, but his own son, Jess, jumped in and cut the mermaid loose. In an attempt to capture it again, Big John Wheatley released the net, which got caught in Jess' legs and he sank. Cody jumped in and rescued Jess, and used his electric power to revive him. The mermaid returned and telepathically talked to Cody's human mother (Sharon), promising to return him to them. Cody then jumped in naked and mermaid mother helped him to get his tail. Cody jumped out of the water to show his family and friends that he is ok now, and swam away with his mermaid mother.




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