Darren Clare

Darren Clare is a merman, an aquatic Fae in Lost Girl Season 4, episode 10 titles "Waves". Dominique was portrayed by Brandon Firla.


Darren Clare refused to return to the sea after his walking, and used his year of magic legs to find a way to stay on land forever. He used legs from volunteer donors, and transplanted them onto himself with stem-cell technology. Darren's sister, Diana Clare joined him on land and worked in his company. After Darren finds some intruders in his company he learns of some letter hidden from him. The letters contained pearls, Darren knew that it meant that his sister, Dominique Clare, the one he left in the ocean is coming to kill him. Darren is reunited with Diana by the Fae investigators, and they plan on taking her legs, just as Dominique is brought to them. Darren and Diana then convince Dominique to stay on land and take one of the investigators legs, and Dominique agrees. One of the investigators however has learned of their weakness and uses tap water to turn them all into sea-foam.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Darren possesses all natural merman powers. He can turn into water, and move around fast in that form. He can breath underwater. When a merman cries, the tears turn into pearls. Mermen can also control water, and even make someone's lungs fill with water. The mermen also have magic legs for one year to do a walking on land, after that they have to return to the sea. Darren had used his year but didn't return to the sea, he used donors to get human legs. The mermen also have an ability to speak dolphin.

The only known weakness of mermen is tap water, which turns them into sea-foam, since they need salt water to live.


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