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Destiny is a mermaid in Fin Fun's Mermaidens stories.


Destiny is the Mermaiden of the Caribbean Sea. Her kingdom is in the southern Atlantic Ocean near the Gulf of Mexico. There are many tropical islands in her home sea. The water is warm and deep blue and she loves it there!

Her best finfriend is a crab named Frank. Well, actually he likes to let everyone know his full name is Francois Crusteau. But she just calls him Frank. He’s a funny little guy. They have a secret hideout where they like to pretend they’re human sailors. It’s a sunken ship! That’s where they keep all the human treasures they find. And they find tons of treasures!

Frank likes treasure a LOT. Destiny think it’s pretty and all, but what she really loves is music. But Frank always wants more and more treasure. She dosen’t know what he thinks he’s going to do with it all. He’s just a little crab!

You see, all royal Mermaidens are blessed with special powers. Destiny's is my voice. She can use her voice to find things. By bouncing her sound waves off the things she is looking for and receiving the signal with her tail, she can find almost anything. It comes in pretty handy when other merfolk need to find things they’ve lost. But mostly she likes to use her voice to make music.

When Destiny was a younger mermaid she had to learn to control her soundwaves. That’s because if she is not careful her voice can make things break and even explode! One time she even caused a pretty big earthquake when some treasure hunters tried to capture me. Not fun. Destiny never wants to do that again.

She just loves to have fun and make music. Destiny can’t wait to learn more about human music and all the amazing sounds you can make! Until next time…

Keep whirling with the music!