Detective as Siren

The Detective is the nameless, protagonist of the Whispered Secrets game series. She temporarily becomes a siren in Whispered Secrets: Song of Sorrow.

Biography Edit

The Detective was on vacation on a cruise when Deidre's storm wrecked her ship and washed her and a man named Noel ashore. In the seaside town she meets Leandra, the descendant of Alastar, the man who imprisoned Deidre and the owner of Deidre's amulet. The other townsfolk, under Deidre's power, capture Leandra but she gives Deidre's amulet to the Detective to protect it from the siren.

The Detective and Noel try to each Albion by boat but they are capsized by one of Deidre's sea monsters. The Detective uses the amulet to become a siren and rescues Noel from drowning. On land she reverts back to human form. The Detective returns to the town where she frees Leandra and together they discover the true story of Alastar's battle with Deidre and how to kill the siren. The Detective swims to Deidre's old lair where she finds the grave of another siren and takes her bones.

At the temple, the Detective meets the still imprisoned Deidre who threatens to to eat her heart. The Detective fashions a weapon from siren bones and human blood. Once it is finished Deidre breaks free and confronts the Detective but the Detective prevails and kills Deidre. The town is freed from her spell and the water purified. The Detective presumably returned the amulet to Leandra.

Appearance Edit

The Detective's face is never seen, only her hands. As a siren, her skin is covered in blue-green scales and she gets purple webbing between her fingers and purple fins along her arms from her wrists to her elbows.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Detective received an amulet from Leandra. The amulet originally belonged to Deidre. It had three symbols, each with a different power.

  • Shapeshifting: The amulet allows the detective to transform into a siren when submerged in water. In this form she can breathe underwater and stay submerged indefinitely.
  • Animal Manipulation: The amulet can manipulate animals to do whatever the bearer wishes. All animals seem to be susceptible to the spell, including land and air animals.
  • Elemental Manipulation: Though rarely shown, the amulet has some power over the elements. It once made all the water in a sunken cavern disappear, allowing the detective to explore it.

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