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Dominique Clare is a mermaid, an aquatic Fae in Lost Girl Season 4, episode 10 titled "Waves". Dominique is portrayed by Kate Todd.


Dominique came to the land to get her brother and sister to come back to the sea. At first she took Diana's legs, in the pool of Darren's firm, because she had promised to get Darren to return to the sea. Dominique stuck around her brother's firm to reach him, but she couldn't get legs to walk on land, since she had used her one year of walking already. Dominique was captured by Dyson and Lauren in the pool. Dominique revealed the identities of her siblings to them, and they reunited them, only to learn that Darren and Diana were about to kill Kenzi. Dominique joined her sibling when they offered her Lauren's legs to walk on land. Their plan failed however, when Lauren figured out that the mermaids have a weakness to tap water, and sprayed them with it, turning them into sea-foam.

Powers and Abilities

Dominique possesses all natural mermaid powers. She can turn into water, and move around fast in that form. She can breath underwater. When a mermaid cries, the tears turn into pearls. Mermaids can also control water, and even make someone's lungs fill with water. The mermaids also have magic legs for one year to do a walking on land, after that they have to return to the sea. Dominique had used her year. The mermaids also have an ability to speak dolphin.

The only known weakness of mermaids is tap water, which turns them into sea-foam, since they need salt water to live.