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Fin is mermaid in a movie Sabrina, Down Under. Fin is portrayed by actress Lindsay Sloane.


Fin is from a colony of merfolk near Australia. She has a brother named Barnaby. Fin came to look for her brother on the beach along with their dolphin friend. She saw Barnaby walking on legs and was disgusted by it. Later Fin had contracted the disease from the pollution. Her dolphin friend informed of it to Barnaby. Barnaby then sent the witch Sabrina with some medicine to the merfolk colony. At first she tried to get away, but was too sick, and Sabrina convinced her to take the medicine. Feeling much better Fin went back into swimming in the ocean. Later when the marine biologist had captured Barnaby in the net at the bay, Fin came to his rescue, but was caught in the net herself instead. Fin saw Sabrina on the boat and blamed her, but Sabrina cut her loose instead, and convinced Dr. martin to let Fin and her brother go.




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