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Hanon Hôshô (宝生 波音 Hôshô Hanon) is the second main protagonist in the anime Mermaid Melody



Hanon has appeared in many anime episodes.

Pichi Pichi Pitch

Hanon, unlike Lucia, came onto land to escape from water demons. They destroyed her kingdom, and the mermaids that had been living in it fled.

Hanon first meets Lucia at school, in episode one of the anime, where they become best friends.When Lucia and Hanon met Rina, all of them became best friends. Hanon falls for their music teacher, Tarō Mitsuki. She adoringly refers to him as "Tarō-chan". She also owns a pet jellyfish named Purachan.


Later, after Gaito is sealed back in his castle, Mitsuki decides to fly to Germany to study music and love and leaves Hanon some sheet music. After almost losing it, it is collected by a boy named Nagisa Shirai who is trying to impress Hanon. Later on Hanon begins to have feelings for Nagisa as in episode 31 in season Pure when it is shown that she kiss Nagisa under the starry sky.


Hanon is a kind and friendly mermaid, but acts much more different when it comes to boys. At first, she thought it was wrong to love humans, but after falling in love with Taro Mitsuki, she changed her mind. Hanon is a love expert when it comes to boys and is obsessed with fashion and make-up. She also loves to shop.


Hanon has brown eyes in her human form, but she has aqua blue eyes in her mermaid form. Her human form has short dark azure hair, she has long light blue hair in her mermaid form. She always wears a blue shell necklace around her neck containing her Aquamarine Pearl.