La Sirena Mala

La Sirena Mala is a mermaid from Dora fanchise.


La Sirena Mala wanted to have everyone's gold taken away from them, but Dora and her friends soon found out when Pablo's bag of gold coins vanish. A little fish named Fishy polishes all of the stolen gold. Fishy then helps Dora and Mariana brake free from a cage La Sirena Mala put them in. Dora's friends soon come to their help by also changing into mermaids, like Dora with the necklaces they got. La Sirena Mala then tells them the story of why she likes gold so much. La Sirena Mala was originally a nice Mermaid who enjoyed searching for gold with her treasure hunting team of fellow mermaids. Though she was the best at finding gold, she was not a very good team player as she found all the gold while her teammates were left with only garbage. This created a rift between La Sirena Mala and her friends, causing her to leave Mermaid City and become obsessed with owning gold. After that a big gust of wind from La Sirena Mala's tail scatters all the gold, which lead Dora and her friends help find the gold. La Sirena Mala admits stealing all of the gold. Her turtles then return all of the gold to their owners.

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