Letifos is a mermaid and one of supporting characters in DC Comics Aquaman Comic Books. Letifos first appeared in Aquaman #2 - Single Wet Female and was created by Martin Egeland and Peter David.


Letifos is a shark-finned Atlantean known as the Sher'hedeen. Letifos is the only of her kind likely to help others since Sher'hedeen usually keep to themselves.

Letifos first appeared to Garth in order to help the then injured Aqualad recover following an attack by Charybdis, bandaging his wounds and letting him know where the villain had taken the kidnapped Aquaman and Dolphin.

Following that adventure Aquaman set out to find her, believing her to be his deceased love Tula somehow reincarnated, he then learned of her people the Sher'hedeen from his friend Vulko and borrowing some equipment set out to find her which he succeeds at.



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