Lily after she rescue Jack from near-drowning.

Lily is a mermaid from the 1995 American film Magic Island, portrayed by Jessie-Ann Friend


Lily means mermaid in fishtalk. Lily heard Jack Carlisle's plea for help, and rescued him from drowning. Jack told lily of his adventure with Prince Morgan. Lily wanted to join Jack on his adventure, but Jack though it would be hard with her tail. Lily then told that mermaids are granted a wish that last a day, when they save a human, and wish herself a pair of legs. Lily joins the adventure and helps out by talking to trees, flowers and animals. Eventually they find the treasure chamber, but it's a trap made by an old wizard, who lures treasure seekers to be part of his treasure. When everyone was escaping, Lily's wish run out of time, and she turned back to mermaid. Jack dragged her out of the cave on a rug. The buccaneers helped Jack to carry Lily to the sea. Jack and Lily shared few kisses, and Lily returned to her home at the sea.

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