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The Little Mermaid is one of the playable characters in the game Grimm Notes Repage.

Biography Edit

Mermaid Princess Edit

The sixth daughter of the mermaid king who lives on the sea floor. She longed for a human prince and got legs to go on land by the power of the sea witch. However, the witch took her beautiful voice as a price. Without her voice, the Little Mermaid could not convey her feelings to the prince and disappears as a bubble. The forgiving princess ascends to heaven where she continues to watch over people.

Chaos Mermaid Edit

In an alternate version of her story, the Little Mermaid resents her fate and becomes a chaos teller. She has a grudge against any and all who forgot her when she was mute. She plans to sink the prince's kingdom, pulling it to the bottom of the sea. However, her real wish is her own death so as to avoid this tragedy.

Little Mermaid (Halloween) Edit

A festival held every year. A special measure has been brought to the girl whose voice had been robbed. With her beautiful singing voice, the people she entertains are the best flowers to color the festival night. Her gentle singing voice has the power of healing and purification, even playing under the power of the curse of darkness. Her singing voice is the shining power to protect her smile.

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