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Sandra Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is the princess of the sea and the titular protagonist of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale. She appears in the animated series Sandra the Fairytale Detective.

Biography Edit

Her first appearance was in "Bubbles". This took place before the story, when she was a baby. Her pearl was stolen. Mermaids all have magical voices which come not from vocal chords but from enchanted pearls that all mermaids posses. If her voice was not returned within 24 hours, the Little Mermaid would become sea foam. The culprit was a yellow eel, an untrustworthy sea creature and one of the servants of the Sea Witch. After the witch is vanquished, the mermaid regains her pearl.

The Little Mermaid returns in "Captain Blackbeard". The Little Mermaid is missing and her father is sick with grief. Sandra finds out that the Little Mermaid (now a teenager as time passes differently in the Fairy tale world and Sandra's world) was captured by the Sea Witch and sold to the fearsome pirate Blackbeard. The pirate displays the imprisoned mermaid in a tank and people pay him money to see her. Sandra and Fo set off a stink bomb and while the crew and customers are distracted, free the Little Mermaid. However, their rescue attempt fails and they are captured. Blackbeard prepares to feed Sandra and Fo to the sharks but agrees to let them live and free the Little Mermaid if the detectives bring Blackbeard to the Sea Witch's lair so he can display her and her monster army. The Little Mermaid is happily reunited with her father.

Personality Edit

The Little Mermaid is a kind girl as she saves the prince, someone she hardly knows from drowning. She is very curious about life on land. She is also brave as she sacrifices her life, voice and tail in order to find true love.

She is fun loving and adventurous. When her pearl was stolen, she became depressed and sad. She also became grumpy. This is shown when she threw a starfish at Fo when he tried to make her laugh. After her pearl was returned, she became happy and joyful once more.

Appearance Edit

The Little Mermaid is a very beautiful mermaid with long, waist length, slightly wavy golden hair. Her skin is fair, her eyes are bright blue and she wears a pale purple, seashell top. The Little Mermaid wears an enchanted pearl necklace (her voice) and an orange starfish in her hair. She has a long fish-like tail covered in blue/green scales.

Abilities Edit

The Little Mermaid has a magical voice. Without her pearl, she loses her voice and after 24 hours, she would dissolve into sea foam. As a mermaid, she can swim through the water as fast as a dolphin and she can breathe perfectly well in both air and water.

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