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This article is about Lorelai, the character from the TV-series Santiago of the Seas. You may be looking for other characters named Lorelai.

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Lorelai is a mermaid and tritagonist from the animated TV-series Santiago of the Seas. Lorelai is voiced by actress Alyssa Cheatham.


Lorelai is a 7-year-old mermaid who is the best friend of Santiago Montes and Tomás.

One time when they found the Caracol Cove to be polluted by goop, Lorelai turned herself into a mermaid with her Bracelet of Pearls and tried to call a whale for help. She however touched the goop and it made her sleepy. Tomás used his guitar to perk her up, and Lorelai was able to call the whale for help. The whale swam around the goop and gathered it up, Santiago Montes then used his glowing sword to blast the goop away. They then sailed throughout the Caracol Cove and blasted away all the goop they found while Lorelai swam happily beside the ship.