This article is about Marina, the character from the Fin Fun stories. You may be looking for other characters named Mariana.

Mariana is a mermaid in Fin Fun's Mermaidens stories.


Mariana is the Mermaiden of the Mariana Kingdom. Her kingdom is located deep in the depths of the Mariana Trench–inside a volcano! Her Mermmaiden power is the power of empathy. She can feel other’s emotions and what they are feeling. Often Mariana can help them, and nudge them into being happier!

Sorry for the name confusion there, she is still getting used to her new identity. She used to go by Scarlet, but she has since found her father, her kingdom, and who she really is! Since then, she has been granted the rights of a Mermaiden, and come to you from the MerCouncil as a new ambassador to the human world!

She's thrilled to be making new friends! She has spent so much of her life alone, that she has so much to catch up on! She has a new little FinFriend name Ricardo (she calls him Rico).



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