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Marina From Power Rangers 8

Marina is a mermaid in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. She appeared in two episodes: "Ocean Blue", and "Neptune's Daughter", episodes 28 and 34 respectively. Marina is portrayed by actress Kamera Walton.


Marina is a mermaid princess and daughter of King Neptune who had been chained to a cliff by an unknown Evil, until Vypra rescued her.

Marina slept the night under the jetty, which was interrupted by some guys who threw trash into the ocean. It was there she first met Chad Lee, the Blue Lightspeed Ranger, who taught those guys a lesson, and ordered them to clean up their mess. Marina was impressed by Chad, and fell in love with him.

Marina later, in secret, observed longingly how Chad worked near Lightspeed Aquabase. But when Chad was pinned by the rock-slide, she revealed herself and pulled him free, and then guided him to the transport. After checking Chad was alright, she swam to her grotto, where she was greeted by Vypra. Marina gleefully told her about Chad, and how she felt about him. Vypra used this chance to trick Marina in giving Chad a gift, she herself gave to Marina. The next day Marina found Chad and gave him the gift, which then chained him up. Vypra appeared and was about to kill Chad, but Marina grabbed Vypra and stopped her, she then tried to swim away, but she was caught by Vypra's henchmen with a net. They then chained a weight on the net and threw Marina back into the ocean. Chad fought himself free and dove after marina, and cut her free from the net. After Chad had defeated Vypra, he waited for Marina, and she finally returned to him, but only to say good bye. Marina knew that their world were too different to make it work.

When King Neptune felt too old and tired to rule, he wanted Marina to rule in his place. Diabolico summoned Aquafiend to steal King Neptune's trident who then used the trident to drain the water from the bay. Marina then decided to take human form and seek out Chad's help on land. They hurried to a magical pond, where Aquafiend was using the trident, but Marina got too dry, and had to leave behind, while Chad tried to stop the demon. Marina was found by Vypra, and took her hostage. Chad saved Marina, and got her to Aquabase water while other Power Rangers took care of Aquafiend, and retrieved the trident. Marina almost died, but the salt water helped. King Neptune appeared in the Aquabase in a water form, to take Marina back home.

In the end, Marina asked her father to make her human again to spend one last day with Chad.



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