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Mellisande is a mermaid in the episode "Rendezvous" (season 7, episode 17) of the television series Baywatch. Mellisande is portrayed by actress Marliece Andrada.


Mellisande lived during the 19th century, when she met a sailor Christopher. Christopher gave Mellisande a locket, with his photo in it with a promise to see her again.

During the 20th century, lifeguard Cody Madison, while deep diving saw her from the corner of his eye, and he kept thinking about her.

Some other lifeguards tried to convince him that mermaids are not real, but his girlfriend, C.J. Parker, firmly believed they existed.

One time when Cody was sleeping on the beach, Mellisande communicated with Cody through telepathy and made him see how the two of them swam and kissed underwater. Cody and C.J. then went to dive again in the same spot where he met Mellisande for the first time. Cody went under alone just in case C.J. would scare her.

Mellisande and Cody did meet for real this time, but Mellisande thought him to be Christopher. He was a sailor who had promised to be with Mellisande a hundred years back. While Cody was under water without an air supply, Mellisande gave him air, but C.J. got worried and jumped in herself. This scared Mellisande away. Mellisande did return only to see Cody and C.J. kissing on the boat, and felt betrayed, since she still though him to be Christopher. When C.J. dived in to see Mellisande for herself and got knocked out by accident, Mellisande helped her on the surface and left her locket on her. Cody and C.J. saw Christopher's picture in the locket and were amazed by the resemblance.

They tossed the locket back into the water, to keep the mermaid secret safe from the world. Mellisande returned and retrieved it, still hoping to meet her Christopher some day.


  • After this role, Marliece Andrada also took on the role of lifeguard Sky Bergman in Season 8 of Baywatch.
  • When C.J. tells Cody why they must keep Mellisande a secret, she refers back to what happened to Madison in the movie Splash.



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