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Melusine (Wizard101)

Melusine is a water faerie from the online game Wizard101. She first appears in the quest Stairway to Belle Regard.

Biography Edit

Melusine is a water faerie who dwells in a pool on Avalon.

A fox named Finn Gingersnap, charmed by tales of Melusine's wit and beauty, surprised her at her pool outside Belle Regard. He wanted to talk to her but instead frightened her. She cursed him to remain imprisoned in Belle Regard forever. If someone breaches the garden wall to obtain a rose, the tower will fall and kill Finn.

The wizard goes to clear things up with Melusine. Melusine believed Finn was horrified by her tail and was there to cause her harm. She cursed him to protect herself. After learning the truth, Melusine commissions the wizard to craft a triton tail for Finn so they may live together part time underwater and part time in Belle Regard.

While Finn is free, the tower is still cursed to fall if the wall is breached. Melusine enchants a rosebush to grow over the wall, giving the player a silver rose.

Trivia Edit

  • She is based on Melusine from French folklore.
  • She is the only mermaid in Wizard101 who is half fox instead of half human.
  • Like the sirens, she wields power through her voice.
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