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Dangerous Games Mermaid

The Mermaid is a minor character in the hidden objects game Dangerous Games: Prisoners of Destiny.

Biography Edit

The Mermaid is one of the mythical creatures who live in the world of the game. She lives on her own island in a land full of floating islands. The protagonist, drives a windmill island into the Mermaid's, causing her magic tiara to break. The Mermaid is furious but after hearing about the protagonist's wish to reach the next level and escape the game, she offers to help them if they repair her tiara. Once the task has been completed, the Mermaid sheds an aquamarine tear. The protagonist puts the tear on a stone podium and is whisked to the next level.

Personality Edit

The Mermaid is good and kind. She is forgiving if one repairs the damage they caused and will help others.

Appearance Edit

She is very beautiful with thick, long, wavy red hair and green eyes. Her scales are sea green and cover her tail and torso. Her tail fin is coral pink and seashell fringes on her scale "top". She wears a bead necklace and owns a magic tiara of golden leaves and pearls.

Gallery Edit

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