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Otherworld Mermaid

The Mermaid is a character from the game Otherworld: Omens of Summer.

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Mermaids are beautiful fey of the ocean. They live in the seas to the West. Mermaids dwell in the deep seas where they cultivate strange marine plants.

The Mermaid was the daughter of the Nyx, the unyielding lord of the sea. She was brave, fierce and curious. Over the years, her inquisitive nature only grew and she yearned to know what life on the surface was like. Her father refused to grant her wish for to him the law was king, and the law stated that no fey of the sea may touch the shores of land.

The Mermaid wept tears of despair. Soon, she could bear it no longer. Through unknown means, the Mermaid found her way to the land and disappeared into the world. The Nyx was left heartbroken. No fey of the sea nor song of the wind could find his child. As for the tears, the Mermaid's magical nature and the depth of her emotion transformed them into a powerful artifact. Her father became the guardian of this new, great artifact.

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