This article is about Mermaid, a character from The Legendary Starfy game series. You may be looking for other things named Mermaids.
Mermaid Starfy 2

The Mermaid is a recurring character in The Legendary Starfy game series from Nintendo. She lives a giant purple shell that save Starfy's progress in different areas during the game. She also has a collum in the DS game called Mermaid Gossip where she appeared in her chibi state giving hints on what Starfy should do.


She has pink hair, wears a pink top and pink bracelets, and has a light blue tail. Judging by her physical appearance she's most likely to be a teenage character.


  • Even if she above water she can still hover in her shell when the player saves the game.
  • She is seen with Blue eyes, however in Densetsu no Starfy 2 a picture of her shows her with purple eyes.


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