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This article is about Merman, from the 2003 movie Mermaids. You may be looking for other things named Merman.
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Unnamed Merman is the father of three mermaids in the 2003 movie Mermaids. He is portrayed by Mitch Deans.


The merman is father to three mermaids: Diana, June, and Venus. For unknown reasons he disowned June, which lead her living on land.

Merman was caught is a blast of an improvised bomb, that the fisherman John Mallick and his assistant Carlo were using to catch fish. Dazed, he swam to close to the surface and was spotted by the two fishermen. Mallick took a rifle and shot the Merman, killing him. His daughter, Diana was near by and witnessed the whole thing. She tried to stop the fishermen taking the Merman's body, but when Mallick again took a rifle and shot at Diana and she fled.

The fishermen later find the grave of the Merman underwater, and take his body to their warehouse. Mallick called the press, and got the photos published in a newspaper. Mallick used the merman as a bait to lure his daughter to him, so he could use a wish that mermaids are bound to follow by magic. Mallick wanted the mermaids to find him treasure.

The mermaids however over-smarted him, since they were three, only one went to find the treasure while the other two found the merman's body and tried it. Trying him, gave him legs, as it is a defense mechanism of merpeople to lose a tail when try. They then informed the police, that Mallick has a body in his warehouse. The police then arrested Mallick for murdering someone, and confessing to it. The Mermaids then took the mermaid body back to the ocean, where he turned to foam.