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This article is about Mia, the character from Blue My Mind movie. You may be looking for other characters named Mia.

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Mia is the main character in the movie Blue My Mind. Mia is portrayed by actress Luna Wedler.


Mia starts in a new school after her father got a new job and had to move. Mia tries to get into the cool group, which she succeeds in being noticed by the group leader, Gianna. Mia occasionally has cravings for salt water and fish. During her first period she starts to notice changes, like her toes have started to grow together. She at first goes to doctor, but not getting any help from there, and not wanting to be different she decides to cut the extra skin herself. In an attempt to be full accepted by the "cool-girls" she started to steal and lost her virginity. Later she discovers that her legs bruise up on their own, and even her belly button disappeared. Due to the changes Mia starts to think she is adopted, not finding any photos of her mother being pregnant only reassures her. Gianna almost drowns on one of the night parties, Mia jumps after her and saves her. Mia then discovers that she now has grown gills on the side of her torso. Mia's legs turn darker and darker, and she tries to hide it from everyone, but Gianna sees them one time. Mia not knowing what is happening to her, start spiraling down a dark path: abusing drugs and alcohol, and hurting herself. She ends up waking up on her kitchen floor with a tail. She drags herself to the bathroom to hydrate. After flooding the whole apartment, Mia decides to call Gianna. Gianna moves Mia to the car and drives her to the sea. Mia then thanks her for everything and goes into the sea, and swims away.


  • Despite the fact she was fully clothed before passing out and completing her transformation, there's no shredded remains of her underwear on her when she wakes up.



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