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Mora in Her Mermaid Act

Mora is a character from the 1961 movie Night Tide. Mora is played by the actress Linda Lawson.


Mora was found on a Greek island of Nikolaos by captain Samuel Murdock, who thought her to be an orphan, and brought her with him to his home. He raised her alone to adulthood. As a grownup Mora started working in the carnival as a mermaid. She has dated couple of men over the years, and both of them went missing and were later found on the beach, drowned. Mora met Johnny a lonely sailor who had just arrived in town, and they started seeing each other. After Samuel Murdock told Johnny that Mora is a mermaid, she confirmed it to him. They kept seeing each other, but Johnny started having doubts. One time Mora found herself under the jetty in water, and getting hit by the crashing waves, fortunately Johnny was there to save her. Mora dismissed it as a sleepwalking incident. The next day, Mora insisted that they'd go for a deep dive. While underwater, Mora disconnected Johnny's breathing apparatus, he managed to resurface and climb on a boat. Mora remained underwater, swimming. It's unknown what exactly happened, but Mora was found dead on the beach by Captain Murdock. He brought her back to his carnival show and put her in the water tank. Johnny returned to check on Mora, and found her dead in the tank. Captain Murdock then revealed himself ready to kill Johnny, thinking that Johnny was the one who killed Mora. Johnny pushed the tank on the captain, seconds later the police arrived.



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