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Nautica is a mermaid the love interest of Hercules's friend Iolaus on the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. The episodes was titled "Love on the Rocks" and "My Best Girl's Wedding" from season 5. Nautica is portrayed by the actress Angela Marie Dotchin.


Nautica rebelled against her father Triton who wanted her to marry a squid. She got help from a goddess Discord, who teleported her to land and magically gave her legs. On the land she witnessed Iolaus (from alternate universe) fighting Brutus' goons, and fell in love with him. Nautica tracked Iolaus down and confessed her feelings. They were interrupted by Brutus, who came for Nautica. Iolaus and Nautica ran from them and Iolaus found himself also to be in love with Nautica. But while Iolaus was talking to Aphrodite, Brutus kidnapped Nautica under Discord's orders. It tuned out that when Nautica is day away from the sea the sea will freeze over, it's all because Poseidon gave Nautica heart so pure it warms the whole sea. Iolaus found Nautica to be something worth fighting for and went against Brutus alone, and beat him. He then took Nautica back to the sea, promising not to forget her.

About month later Iolaus game back to the village where he and Nautica met and couldn't get his mind off of her. He found out that Nautica had promised to marry a pirate named Lysacka. It was because Lysacka had stolen Triton's trident and Nautica hoped that if she'd marry the pirate he'd give the Trident back. But the trident is destroyed once it touches mortal hands, so her sacrifice would be in wain. Iolaus stopped the wedding while Hercules went to see Cabiri for her to create a new trident. Once Nautica heard the truth she called the wedding off, only to be hanged along with Iolaus, luckily Hercules saved them from that fate. Hercules and Aphrodite then conceived a plan for Nautica and Iolaus to be together. Aphrodite turned Iolaus into a mer-man and they both went to live happily ever after in the sea.


Long, wavy golden hair; slim with fair skin; sea blue seashell top; light, silvery-blue fish tail with pink-tinted fins.


Sweet, bubbly, innocent, trusting, stubborn, brave, curious, a little bit cautious, strong, selfless.

Powers and Abilities

Sustaining the life of the sea with her heart. Immortal. Aquatic abilities.



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