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Neried is a character from the movie Fishtales. Neried is portrayed by actress Kelly Brook.


Neried is a mermaid who lives on a Greek island named Spetses. She met with a girl Serena who wanted Neried to meet her father Greek-History Professor Thomas Bradley. Captain Mavros found out that Neried is a mermaid and wanted to kill her for the jewels that are on her tail. Captain Mavros' plans were put to a stop.

Agreeing to help Serena's father translate Grecian spells to English. Neried uses the mermaid rule that she can have legs at night to visit. Given the alias Frankie, Neried helps Thomas translate what turns out to be a Love Spell; they accidentally cast it on each other, becoming instantly infatuated. Though Serena is quick to get her out of the house before anything happens. Neried returns just before dawn to a sleeping Thomas' bedside; gushing her love. However she quickly leaves upon feeling her legs starting to change back.

Serena visits her later, only to find Neried has cooled down from the initial love sickness. She notes that instead of blind affection, she now notices features about Thomas that attract her; but still can't figure out what the spell did. Thomas later realizes that the spell isn't a sickness, but a work-in-progress; being blindly smitten is just from the spell settling in, leaving those it was cast on to find what they love about the other on their own. Believing "Frankie" to be swimming out of sight, Thomas declares his love for her; making Neried happy.

Serena visits again, learning Neried wishes to use her magic water to get rid of her immortality and become human. It will only work if the motive is pure; and her love for Thomas is a pure motive. It works. Taking what treasures in her home she can pack, Neried and Serena flee Mavros; who was now considered to be insane as no proof could be found that Neried was a mermaid with jewels on her tail.

Neried returned with Thomas to America, becoming Serena's stepmother. She watched in amusement as one of Thomas's superior accidentally cast the spell on himself.


  • She likely married Thomas and took his last name. Though it's unknown if she goes by her real name or the one Serena have her.




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