Kerubim Oceane

Oceane is a young mermaid from the animated series Dofus: Treasures of Kerubim. She appears in "Like a Snapper in the Water".

Biography Edit

A sea monster had swallowed all the fish in the sea, leaving the nearby town with nothing to sell or eat. Unaware of the beast, the townsfolk blamed the mermaids and captured Oceane's older sister, Ondine. Kerubim, horrified by the town's treatment of an innocent, intelligent being, ventured into the depths to retrieve the missing fish.

Two of Oceane's other sisters, enraged with Ondine's capture, attacked Kerubim but Ondine's soul pearl revealed the truth of his presence and the mermaids saved him. Oceane asked her sister if she could go with Kerubim to the deep sea to save Ondine. The mermaids consented.

In the dark depths, Oceane used echolocation to "see" in the dark. They found the monster but were swallowed. Inside, they find all the fish in the sea. Kerubim asked Oceane to send a message to all the fish, telling them to synchronize with him. As they swim, they move the monster. The mermaids's spell on Kerubim began to ear off as they neared the surface. Oceane sang to Kerubim, granting him gills and even greater swimming skills. They drive the monster onto land, saving Ondine and the town. Oceane thanks Kerubim and kisses him. She gives him a soul pearl to contact them mermaids in the future.

Many years later, Kerubim tells this story to a skeptical Jorvis. Kerubim falls into the water and starts to drown but the pearl releases a sound wave. The water glows and an older Oceane leaps out with Kerubim while other mermaids play in the waves. She blows Kerubim a farewell kiss and disappears into the depths.

Personality Edit

Oceane is a kind, brave, energetic mermaid who is eager to help. She can be bashful like when she kissed Kerubim. In the years since, she has matured, losing her childishness and becoming a more elegant mermaid but still retains her playful nature as she splashes and leaps with an elderly Kerubim.

Appearance Edit

Oceane has sea blue scales with yellow spots, pale blue skin, green, translucent fins, large, violet eyes and thick, white hair. When she first met Kerubim, she had freckles, small, round fins for ears, a dorsal fin on her head and her scales covered only her chest and tail. Years later, she looks exactly the same but lacks her freckles and the dorsal fin, her scales cover her entire torso and her fins are bigger.

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