Sabrina Down Under
In Sabrina, Down Under, Sabrina Spellman the teenaged witch takes a vacation in Australia with a fellow witch from England, Gwen. They dive and have other watery fun. One time on the beach they find a merman, Barnaby, who is sick from a pollution, and nurse him back to health. Sabrina also gave Barnaby legs so he'd be inconspicuous on dry land. Turns out that there is a whole merfolk colony, on the reefs. Sabrina needs to go there to help Fin, who is Barnaby's sister.
Merfolk 01

Merfolk Colony

Local marine biologist Dr. Martin however finds out about Barnaby, and captures him. The two witches along with Salem and new found female talking cat, save Barnaby, only for him to end up in marine biologists nets. Sabrina manages to convince Dr. Martin to leave the merfolk alone. He even goes as far to make the merfolk reef a preservation zone, with a help of a fish long though extinct.


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