Sabrina Witch-Mermaid

Live Action Mermaid Witch

Sabrina Spellman is a character from Sabrina, Down Under. In the live action intro she shows briefly her mermaid form. While in the animated series: Sabrina, the Animated Series Episode 62 titled "Wiccan of the Sea" she was a temporarily mermaid. Sabrina was also a mermaid in Friends Forever animated movie. Sabrina is portrayed by Emily Hart in the animated series, Melissa Joan Hart in the television movie, and Britt McKillip in the animated television movie.


When Sabrina was in witch academy, she was feeling like an outcast because she was a half-witch. Sabrina along with another half-witch, Nicole Candler, traveled to witchrealm to become whole, during their travels there, they were both briefly turned into mermaids.

Sabrina was once again turned into a mermaid, along with her friend Chloe Flan, and her cat Salem, when she wished to spend a warm sunny day during their cold winter. They were ported to an island, but a giant tidal-wave dragged them to the sea. Since they had to be in the same location, where they started, they wanted to find the island. But Sabrina lost their hourglass necklace that told how long they had until the spell would end and they would be trapped in their new form. On top of that, they were swallowed by a giant fish and then caught in a net. Chloe got them out from both from the fish and the net, and they were lead to Gillville. When a giant jellyfish Stingy, the current queen of the seas arrived and demanded to be amused, the citizens of Gillville gave her the necklace Sabrina lost. Sabrina then challenged Stingy for the queen position. Due to luck Sabrina won the race, and got the necklace back. They then used flying fish to get back to the island just as the spell ended, and were returned to Sabrina's house.


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