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Sally is a character in the TV series Sanctuary. Sally is portrayed by actress Amanda May.


She is called Sally because her name is not pronounceable by the human throat. Sally is a member of merfolk abnormals who live in Bermuda Triangle. Commonly known as mermaids or sirens. Sally herself is living in the Old City Sanctuary lead by Helen Magnus, with who Sally has formed a friendship. Sally even communicates telepathically with Magnus. She likes when someone is swimming with her in the tank.

Sally asked Magnus to check out a distress call from other merfork in the Bermuda Triangle, that led to discovery of Merfolk massacre under a parasites influence.

Later Sally assisted Henry Foss, a resident werewolf to take down a mob-boss, by using her telepathy. She also helped Magnus to find a cure for Big Guy (bigfoot), who had his mind altered by a Crixorum.