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Scales: Mermaids Are Real is a 2017 movie featuring Siren played by Emmy Perry. It also features lot of mermaids without their tails, and Emerald, who is played by famous mermaid Hannah Fraser. The film is written and directed by Kevan Peterson.


An ordinary girl, Siren Philips , always dreamt of living in the ocean, but lived her whole life on land with her adopted mother, Tiffany. On the week of her twelfth birthday, Siren heads to school and meets up with her best friend, Crystal. Along the way, Siren notices a boy being bullied for his brittle bone disease (a disease which causes the person's bones to become very brittle and very easy to crack). She steps in and saves him. The boy introduces himself as Adam Wilts and the two become friends immediately. During class, Siren notices that she can control water (demonstrated with liquid in her water bottle). Shocked, Siren ditches school and runs home to test the trick again with a glass of water. Crystal follows and is upset with her friend’s strange behavior. Siren tries to show Crystal the water trick, but fails. Instead, the girls decide to take a walk to the beach. During the walk, Crystal gives Siren an early birthday gift, a special necklace and promised her friend to wear it. Back at home, Siren looks back at old photos of her birth mother. Suddenly, her attention was caught by Adam, who threw pebbles at her window. Inviting her to join him on a walk, Siren agreed. Along the way, Adam and Siren got to know more about each other, bonding.

The next day, Crystal meets up with Siren, still wearing her birthday gift. When Adam got close, Crystal notices the necklace glowing, alerting danger, and warns her friend to stay away from Adam. At dinner, Tiffany, Crystal and her mother, Quinn, sit Siren down for a serious conversation. They reveal that Siren is a half-mermaid breed and on her twelfth birthday, she will undergo her first mermaid transformation. Being a half-mermaid, Siren also must go back to the ocean every three years. She also learns that Crystal and Quinn are also half-mermaids and her birth mother, Emerald , is a mermaid living in the ocean. Siren leaves with confusion and so much to take in. She then takes a bath. While bathing, Siren notices her feet turning into fins. Shocked, she jumps out of the tub and passes out.

Tiffany manages to take Siren to the hospital. She wakes up and demands so many questions for Quinn and Crystal to answer. Instead, they invite her to join them at an upcoming meeting for mermaids. Siren then leaves the hospital on her own and heads towards Adam’s house. She is greeted by Adam’s father, Gary Wilts, and one of his men, Brodie. Gary grows really suspicious of Siren, but still invites her in. Inside, Siren is fascinated by Gary’s items, especially the Wailing Stick. Gary explains that the Wailing Stick is a deadly weapon that can cut through the tough skin of a big fish. Siren then decides to take a walk with Adam and tells him that she is changing into a mermaid. A little shocked, Adam still supports his friend. He then takes her to his father’s shed. Inside, Siren finds a book about mermaids and other sea creatures. She also learns more about the Wailing Stick. It is a powerful weapon used by mermaids, one side being used to call other mermaids, while the other is used to kill. Adam then pulls out a replica of the tool.

Retuning home, Tiffany was worried about her daughter’s disappearance. She then gives Siren an aerator, which will help protect her gils when she grows them. Siren then explains about Adam and his father. Worried about Adam’s father and Siren’s safety, Tiffany removes a mermaid-shaped bell before going to bed.

The next day, Siren dreams about her birth mother and other mermaids in her dream. At breakfast, Tiffany explains to Siren that she will develop her gils and needs to wear her aerator. Siren opts to wear the aerator and instead covers her gils with a scarf. At school, she meets up with Adam, who has something serious to discuss privately. Once in a quiet room, Adam reveals that his father and men are mermaid hunters. His father’s main goal is to heal Adam’s brittle bone disease with mermaids. Because Siren is still changing into a mermaid, her blood has healing magic, which Gary wants to use to help his son. Adam is against his father and doesn’t want to be saved in a way of hurting his friend, so he is willing to help keep Siren safe. Siren is still willing to give up some of her blood to help, but Adam denies. Upon leaving, Siren gets dizzy and collapses. Crystal quickly pulls the fire alarm to distract everyone. She notices that Siren’s gils are exposed to air and forgot to bring her aerator. Principal Strauss steps in and saves Siren’s life. She also reveals that she is a mermaid as well and instructs Crystal to take her friend to the river room.

Later, Crystal takes Siren to a water desalination plant, where the secret mermaid meeting is held. During the meeting, Siren is welcomed among the other mermaids. Tomorrow on her twelfth birthday, Siren will need to finish her mermaid transformation and return to sea before the mermaid hunters catch her. Meanwhile, Adam arrives at his father’s work area and learns more about the plan. Gary explains that he knows there is one mermaid undergoing her transformation. Adam unwillingly reveals that he knows who it is, but refuses. His father already knew it was Siren and ordered his men to raid her home.

At night, the mermaids are aware of the hunters and had two mermaids guard Siren. The hunters arrived, tranquilized the guards and raided Siren’s home. They manage to capture Tiffany. Siren was able to escape with Adam’s help.

The next morning, Siren heads to the mermaid safe house. Still worried about her mother, Ms. Harper and Crystal assure Siren that Tiffany will be fine. Meanwhile, Principal Strauss and the mermaids arrive at Gary’s and demand to trade Strauss for Tiffany, knowing that she is the only one who can convince Siren to willingly give up her blood. Gary gives the mermaids four hours to bring Siren back or Strauss will be killed. Brodie, still follows Tiffany back to the mermaid safe house. Back in the safe house, it is finally time for Siren to finish the final process of her transformation, gaining a tail. In the pool, Siren’s legs successfully fuse into a tail. Crystal, Quinn, and Harper quickly board her on a truck and drove to the beach. Gary and his men locate the mermaids’ location and heads towards the beach as well.

Arriving at the beach, Crystal, Quinn, and Harper carry Siren back to the ocean just before the hunters arrived. As they were too late, the hunters instead took the mermaids hostage. Brodie decides to also take Crystal hostage for his research, believing she will also undergo the mermaid transformation. Meanwhile, Siren reunites with her birth mother. Back on shore, Adam steps in and manages to talk his father into releasing the mermaids and leaving. Still wanting Crystal, Brodie throws the Wailing Stick at Tiffany. Adam quickly pushes her out of the way, collapsing, breaking all his bones, and dies. A devastated Gary mourns for his son. Tiffany then uses the Wailing Stick to call Emerald for help. Brodie attempts to take Crystal again, but is stopped by Emerald and Siren. Together, the mermaids use their magic and singing to revive Adam and cure his disease. However, Brodie is still against everyone and won’t leave unless he has Crystal to help advance his mermaid career. Emerald threatens Brodie with a giant wave, as Siren manages to suck all the water out of his body, killing him. Victorious, everyone is happy for Siren. She also reveals that she is a pure blood mermaid, so she can visit land and water whenever she wants. Siren decides to go back to the water with her mother for two months to learn more about her mermaid life. She bids one final goodbye to Tiffany and her friends before departing back into the ocean.


Emma Perry - Siren, an ordinary girl who lived her whole life on land with her adopted mother, Tiffany. Her life changes forever when she turns 12 and starts to undergo her first mermaid transformation, making her a victim to the mermaid hunters.

Elisabeth Rohm - Tiffany, Siren’s adopted mother. She is the only human Emerald trusts to raise her daughter.

Morgan Fairchild - Principal Strauss, the principal of Siren’s school, who is also a mermaid. She willingly trades herself for Tiffany with the mermaid hunters.

Jack Grazer - Adam Wilts, a new boy with a brittle bone disease. After finding out his father and men are hunting Siren, Adam refuses to be saved in a way of being harmed and offers to help keep his friend safe.

Nikki Hahn - Crystal, Siren’s childhood best friend and a half-mermaid. She gives her friend a special necklace for her birthday and helps her undergo the mermaid transformation.

Kimberly Hidalgo - Quinn, Crystal’s mother who is also a half-mermaid. She helps Siren when she is undergoing her mermaid transformation.

Stephen Snedden - Gary Wilts, Adam’s father and leader of the mermaid hunters. His goal is to hunt down Siren’s mermaid blood to use for healing his son’s brittle bone disease.

Sterling Sulieman - Brodie, one of Gary’s men. He has studied mermaids for his whole career and will do whatever it takes to advance, even ruthlessly capturing mermaids for his research.

Mason Vale Cotton - Martin

Noree Victoria - Amber, a half-mermaid who guards Siren on the night before her twelfth birthday.

Elsie Fisher - Hayden, a schoolgirl who bullied Adam for his disease until Siren steps in.

Hannah Fraser - Emerald, Siren’s birth mother and a pureblood mermaid. For Siren’s safety, Emerald leaves her daughter with her human friend, Tiffany to raise safely until she turns twelve.

Lily Berlina- Ms. Harper, a teacher with a bubbly personality. She helps Siren finish the final process of her mermaid transformation.

Emily Rued - Betty, a half-mermaid who guards Siren on the night before her twelfth birthday.

Leslie Kies - Nurse Helen

Judy Tenuta - Shopkeeper

Jeff Odachowski - Terrin

Bonnie Heilman - Dorely

Jeff Bosley - Guard

Amanda Serra - Linda



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