This article is about Scylla, the character from a film Mamula. You may be looking for Scylla, the mythological Greek monster.
Mamula's Nymph

Scylla is a character in Mamula movie. She was portrayed by Zorana Kostic Obradovic in her humanoid form, and by Mina Sablic as the creature.


Scylla is a nymph living on the island called Mamula. The island itself was actually part of the Sirenum scopuli, which were all mistakenly believed to be near Capri by Romans, in truth they were several islands in various locations. Scylla was found by Niko and his diving crew, who build a underwater passage to the island, thirty plus years ago. Scylla killed most of his crew but left his lieutenant alive. She charmed the lieutenant and he killed people to feed her. Over the years they fell in love. Scylla seems to have healing powers, since she healed the lieutenant after he has axed in the back by a group of tourists on the island. When Scylla went after the survivors, she was killed by them on the docks. Her death angered her sisters, who then moved towards the city.


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