Seafoam Spirit

The Seafoam Spirit is a minor character from The Land of Stories book series by Chris Colfer.

Biography Edit

Origin Edit

The Seafoam Spirit is a character better known as the Little Mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale of the same name and tells of a mermaid princess who saves a prince from drowning, falls in love with him and desires to be human and join him on land. She makes a deal with the Sea Witch to trade her beautiful voice for a pair of human legs. The Sea Witch states that the Little Mermaid must make the prince fall in love with her or perish the morning after the prince's wedding to another. This came to pass and the prince married another woman.

To save her, the mermaid's sisters traded their hair to the Sea Witch for a dagger of coral and sea glass. The Little Mermaid must kill the prince to undo the witch's spell and restore her tail. She refuses and turns into sea foam. However, her soul lived on an she went on to help people of the sea and save others from making foolish decisions.

The Wishing Spell Edit

She sends her mermaids to save the twins, Alex and Conner, from drowning. She informs them that she knows of their travels because she can hear anything spoken or felt near a body of water. The twins need her dagger for the wishing spell. The Seafoam Spirit tells the twins that her dagger is in the Thornbush Pit. She gives the twins two seashell necklaces to protect them from the thorns but warns them that if one shell is destroyed, the other will break as well.

The Enchantress Returns Edit

The Seafoam Spirit helps the twins again by summoning her friend, the Giant Seaturtle, to bring them to the Sea Witch's cave. She gives them magic seashells to allow the travellers to breathe underwater.

Appearance Edit

She takes the form of a mermaid made entirely out of white, green-tinged bubbles.

Personality Edit

The Seafoam Spirit is a kind and benevolent being who uses her abilities and vast knowledge to help others whenever she can. When she was a young mermaid, she was naive and made a foolish decision but has since grown and become a mature and wise mermaid. Even as a young girl, she was selfless as she sacrificed herself for the life of the prince.

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