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Siren (Love Chronicles)

"I loved her with all my heart, but her heart's no warmer than stone."
-Sir Yewitt.
The Siren is a minor antagonist from the game Love Chronicles 5: Beyond the Shadows.

Biography Edit

The Siren was an evil mermaid from the Shadow World. She used her beauty and singing to enchant men and lure them towards her. The men, blinded by her beauty, fell in love with the mermaid only to be killed by their monstrous bride.

One notable victim was a man named Sir Yewitt. Like all the others, he was deceived by her charms and fell in love. He even wanted to marry her and a wedding gown can be seen in the Siren's cave. Yewitt's loyalty never faltered but the Siren viewed him only as a slave. Eventually she killed him and left his body to rot with her other victims.

Princess Lerione encountered the Siren on her journey to escape the Shadow World. The Siren wanted to kill her and splashed the princess when she didn't come closer. Lerione used a magical amulet to defeat the Siren once and for all.

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