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Sirene is an Italian television Mini series conceived and written by Ivan Cotroneo and Monica Rametta, directed by Davide Marengo that was boardcast on Rai 1 from October 26 to November 30 2017 for 6 episodes. It was produced by Cross Productions.


Yara is a young Mermaid who, accompanied by her mother and two younger sisters, goes in search of her intended the triton Ares, who took refuge in Naples , the city of mermaids. Over time the sirens, despite their fame as charmers, will Become fascinated by a world so different from theirs.

Cast and Characters


  • Yara played by Valentina Bellè , the Oldest sister of Irene and Daria, Desperate and infuriated by the disappearance of Ares, she tries in every way to find him but over time she falls in love with Salvatore.
  • Marica played by Maria Pia Calzone . The mother siren of Yara, Irene and Daria. She is very authoritarian and shows contempt for humans, from whose world it is however attracted (dialectal terms, fashion ...). Landing on land, Marica will seek and find the four people she had saved from drowning some thirty years earlier. After the departure of Aunt Ingrid she became the queen of the Mediterranean Sirens.
  • Irene played by Denise Tantucci , Yara's younger sister and older than Daria and second daughter of Marica, is equivalent to a sixteen year old in human age. She is defined as the most powerful siren in the Mediterranean.
  • Daria played by Rosy Franzese, the younger sister of Irene and Yara and third daughter of Marica. She befriends a little girl named Elena, to whom she tells about her true identity despite the prohibition of her mother and sisters.