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Sinbad Sirens

Sirens are a minor enemy that appears in the 2003 Dreamworks animated film Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.

These three mermaids take fun in wrecking all ships passing through their territory.

Appearance Edit

Siren simbad

Siren's full body

Their body is almost transparent and seems to be made entirely of water. They do not have a fish tail, in fact when they take a definite shape there are clearly a recognizable pair of human legs. They have glowing yellow eyes and sharp teeth of the same color.

Despite this they have considerable physical strength, as they manage to forcibly move sailors.

Personality Edit

Tumblr pidv9enslJ1ua45zn 640

A siren tries to take away a man and then drown him.

Their behavior is similar to that of classical sirens: as Sinbad's ship enters the sea-bound where the sirens live, they use their song to ensnare every man on board. From the multitude of wrecks in their dwelling it is understood that shipwrecking ships is their favorite pastime, showing no mercy to anyone. Their sadism is highlighted when they play with their victims.

They also show that they are very mischievous, showing themselves to the sailors and tempting them with their presence, as if wanting to be venerated by them; to then reject them badly, knowing that the sailors will continue to love them madly whatever the sirens do to them.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Being sirens, their main skill is singing and the ability to charm every male sailor. Once their song is heard, every man in earshot loses the will to resist them, falling madly in love with them. The enchanted would do everything to reach them, even throw themselves into the sea or take the ship against the rocks. It seems that nothing can distract them from adoring the sirens, not even the danger of death. Her song has no effect on women and animals.

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