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Siren Sketch

Sirens are creatures from the hidden objects game Whispered Secrets: Song of Sorrow. Deidre, the last siren, is the main antagonist.

Biography Edit

The sirens were a powerful race of sea monsters with their own empire in the depths of the ocean. They were a vicious, cruel and bloodthirsty people. The only beauty they possessed was in their lovely singing voices and love of music.

Once upon a time the sirens were not the bloodthirsty monsters of legend. Their prosperity poisoned their minds. For some reason, they attacked humanity unprovoked and began to toy with and slaughter humans whom the sirens had only apathy for. The sirens' goddess, Leera, saw their actions and turned her back on them, leaving them to their fate. The sirens became horrible and savage. When the sirens' priests could no longer communicate with Leera, another siren blamed the priests and slaughtered them all.

The humans were powerless against the sirens. Their weapons could not harm the creatures. One day, someone discovered the sirens' secret. They could be killed with a weapon forged from siren bones and human blood. An order was formed to protect humanity from all monsters. With these weapons and ancient diving equipment, they killed the sirens except for one. The last siren, Deidre, swore to take as many human lives as she could to avenge her people.

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