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Sirens (Wizard101)

Sirens are creatures that appear in the online game Wizard101. They first appear as a storm spell that can be used by the player.

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The sirens are powerful, magical creatures whose spell has bewitched many of the seas throughout the Spiral with their deadly song. They were native to Celestia, but since the deluge they have scattered to the many Spiral seas.

They are usually found in groups of threes(no one knows of they are sisters). Together their voices create a song of such beauty it enthralls those who hear it, causing them to lose their way. They were once the bane of sailors, sending their ships crashing into sharp rocks or shallow shores.

Under the Sea Quest Edit

A trio of sirens dwell in the Temple of Sea Songs in the submerged city of Atlantea. They appear in the quest Under the Sea. They are the keepers of sea songs, sailors' songs and shanties. They are crafty and cruel and are feared by many including Hermes and Akhelios the Contriver. Even Arion, the son of Poseidon himself, believed the wizard would never get past them.

The lead siren, Teles, greets the wizard. Heeding Hermes' advice, the wizard compliments the sirens' beautiful voices. Flattered by this, Teles requests the player to unravel the tangled strands of their songs and fix their coralchord. If they failed, the player would face a symphony of destruction. If the wizard suceeds the sirens will let them pass. If they fail, they must battle the sirens to move on.

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