Splashing is a toy series centering around mermaids made by TPF toys. The toyline manages to get an animated web series centering around 3 mermaid friends on an under sea adventure. The mermaids also have little companions known as Ocean Gems and Treasure Pets. The toyline appeared to be a spiritual successor to Waverly and the Magic Seashells.


  • Mitizi-Blonde w/ Neon Pink Tail.
  • Laila-Raven Hair and Light Skin w/ Teal Tail.
  • Shelly-Emerald Hair and Light Skin w/ Pastel Pink Tail.
  • Lulu-Aquamarine Hair and Dark Skin w/ Neon Yellow Tail.
  • Pasha Burnett Hair w/ Orange Tail.
  • Charlotte-Purple Hair w/ Maroon Jewel Tail.
  • Leni-Pink Hair and Dark Skin w/ Purple jewel Tail,
  • Pearl-Dark Purple Hair w/ Cyan Tail
  • Chichi-Dark Periwinkle Hair w/ Purple Jewel Tail.
  • Nene-Black Hair and Dark Skin w/ Yellow Tail.
  • Amela-Blonde w/ Pale Green Jewel Tail.
  • Bet-Sea Red Hair and Dark Skin w/ Cyan Tail
  • Ellie-Red Hair w/ Green Tail
    • note: He design resembles Ariel, but her top is white.
  • Azurayah-Cyan Hair w/ Neon Green Tail
  • Finly-Designed similarly to the for mentioned Mermaid from Starfy, but her tail is Dark Green instead of Cyan.
  • Adira-Periwinkle Hair w/ Maroon Jewel Tail.
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