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Syrena is a mysterious mermaid from Whitecap Bay in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Syrena is portrayed by actress Astrid Bergès-Frisbey.


The pirates were after the tears of mermaids and looked ones to capture. Syrena saved Philip's life from falling debris. It was also Philip who captured her, when he punctured her tail with a sword. She was put into a glass coffin and transported to the island. Syrena had trouble breathing, and Philip opened the coffin. Later when the coffin bearers tripped and the coffin broke, it was revealed that Syrena's tail transforms into legs when not in water. Though she couldn't walk, since she never used legs before. Philip again came to her help and offered her his shirt and carried her. Syrena and a holy man Philip fell in love, Philip was even the one who gave her the name Syrena. The pirates however used that love to make Syrena cry, after torture failed, so they finally could get the tears of a mermaid. After Philip got ran through with a sword, he rushed to Syrena and freed her, he begged her for forgiveness which was answered with a kiss.