Tala is a mermaid from Andros. She lives in the Underwater Kingdom of Andros. Tala mainly appears in Winx Club season 3. In mermaid world she is ambassador of Underwater Kingdom. She is good friends with Kalia, Celina and Tressa.


Tala appears in the first episode of the season, arriving just after the Winx and the Specialists successfully protect the other beach-goers from a tsunami that was a product of a dimensional shock wave. Speaking in a language only Aisha could understand, Tala tells Aisha that Andros is in danger, and so the princess dives into the ocean with her and heads for their kingdom.

After Valtor's defeat, Tala returned home to the Underwater Kingdom, where she greeted by her friends Kalia, Celina, and Tressa. All happy laughing mermaids danced underwater.

Appearance Edit

Tala has very blonde long hair bangs capped in small braids tied with pearls on the top of her head. She has blue eyes and a pink makeup.

For her attire, she wears a pink sequined bra, simple and strapless, decorated with a yellow shell. On forehead rests a lilac-colored tiara that curls into an inverted heart shape at the center where a small blue pearl also rests. Short pink mittens adorned with pearls and a bracelet adorned with long streaks of pearls are donned over right and left arms respectively. Tala's tail is long and turquoise-green in color with pink ruffles all over. Some of these ruffles rest around her waist along with a pink shell and small blue ribbons adorned with stones and coral. She also has a small blue stone that rests in her navel.

Personality Edit

Tala is a very gentle and sweet mermaid. She is very loyal to the royal families of the ocean and land on Andros.

Trivia Edit

  • Tala's name is of Native American origin and it means wolf.
    • Coincidentally, Tala is also the name of a goddess in the Tagalog mythos. Though her origins vary from region to region, Tala is generally recognized as the goddess of the morning and evening star (Venus).


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