The 3 Tails

The 3 Tails: A Mermaid Adventure is a continuation of a Youtube series in a 60 minute movie format, released on Netflix and Vimeo in 2015. The movie was also released on DVD.


Emily, Jackie and Selena are on a babysitting job, and try to entertain the kid. While walking to the park, Emily confesses that she feels like she's been followed lately. And someone does spy on them. Faith appears in the school, still alive and has joined their class. During the school's field-trip, Emily separated from the group and unintentionally talked with the fish, which was noticed by a security guard. The guard took that information to a rich man, who was looking for something extraordinary. The rich man then visits Emily's house, and asks questions from his father. The girls then share weird happenings, and agree to talk more during the weekend at Selena's beach-house. Emily arrives depressed, so Jackie and Selena try to cheer her up with a spa day, and go for a swim later. They spend the night at the beach house, where they were kidnapped and taken on a yacht. Emily is splashed with a water, and her tail appears, the kidnappers then take a sample from her tail and send it to the rich man. Meanwhile the girls think of a plan, distract the kidnappers while one of them swims to the shore. Jackie is the one who escapes, and gets a help from a turtle who leads her toward the beach. The rich man works on the sample and then gives the extract to his daughter, Stella, who's legs are disabled, hoping it would turn her into a mermaid. Jackie finds a woman near the beach and they go to the coastguard, who contact her mother. The coast guard starts looking for the yacht, unfortunately they find it empty at the docks, as the kidnappers have taken the girls to the rich man's house. Emily and Selena manage to use a phone to call for Jackie, who the calls coastguard and goes to them with her mother. The coastguard arrests the kidnapper, but the girls decide that they don't mention Stella's father being involved, since Stella is still young, and has no one else. However it's revealed that the stalker was not the kidnapper, but someone else entirely, and she has procured the leftover extract, and drank it.


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