Zoey is a mermaid in Fin Fun's Mermaidens stories.


Zoey is the Mermaiden of the Coral Sea. The Coral Sea is off the coast of Australia. 

Zoey can get sea animals to listen to her because she has Mermaiden powers. But she has to be careful and not make the animals do things that might get them or someone else hurt. Like when the whales are migrating with their pods, she has to be careful not to accidentally call them. The baby whales are especially drawn to her and Zoey can't let them get separated from their families, so she has to watch out for them and help them get back when that happens.

They have some fantastic games together, all the octopus, swordfish, sharks, and Cooper and Zoey. It's nice to not worry about anyone trying to eat anyone else for a bit. They have to obey her and she doesn't allow any fighting while they're playing!

Fin FriendEdit

Cooper the Turtle is the perfect companion for mermaid princess Zoey, as he encourages her to laugh and be carefree in their home waters of the Coral Sea. Also, Cooper loves to ride with Zoey on the East Australian Current or hitchhike on the backs of whales to explore the seas at maximum speed!